I offer workshops and weekly series open to the public. No experience required, simply a willingness to try and tune in to what feels right for you. These offerings are an invitation to expand your understanding of self through a combination of fun, reflective and creative exercises using body awareness, movement, drawing, and writing integration. Different themes are explored in the non-judgmental space with key focus on our wellbeing, connection and self-love.

I offer affordable personalised one on one sessions which can be held at your home or a studio space. The session can have a particular theme or focus - I ask that you set an intention for the process to begin from. I will then work from that place of intention, intuitively guiding you to use a range of movement and expressive techniques. You may choose your modality preference. All sessions are based on what is presented right then and there, specific to your unique self.

Take a look at photos and descriptions of past workshops on my Gallery of Offerings page.

Stay tuned for 2017 Public workshops