As an experienced community development worker, I love the opportunity to offer this work to different community groups and organisations. I work with organisations to identify needs and desired outcomes of the client group and tailor a program accordingly.

"Dandenong West Primary School has had the privilege of Cathy’s specifically designed Dance and Movement programs throughout 2016. Cathy has run several groups that target different ages, creating a fun, energetic and therapeutic space where creativity and ‘giving it a go’ is Cathy’s main focus. As the facilitator, she provides clear guidance and direction, whilst also providing a safe space for the children to self-express though their own movements.

Throughout the year the staff have seen social and emotional changes in many of the students as a result of her programs. These programs have proven to be effective with different children for different reasons, as each individual is able to explore their creative side, emotional side and physical sensations, through movement." - Donna Lai, Social Worker

Who do I work with?

I have worked with a variety of ages and genders from primary and secondary-aged young people to adults, all with varying backgrounds, needs, disadvantages and trauma history.

What does it look like?

I tailor sessions, which can be run as a half to full day workshop; a weekly term program; afterschool or evening group; or as part of a school holiday program, camp or retreat.

Tailored to the needs of the group in a client-centered approach, I facilitate activities that invite social connection, creative play and insightful self-reflection and discovery.

Somatic body awareness activities often use a variety of music and can include percussive instruments, props and visuals. Further to body movement, the sessions aim to be inclusive of a range of intelligences and learning styles by incorporating other creative outlets such as drawing, expressive writing, clay-sculpture making, breathe work meditations and symbol work. Where possible I hold workshops outdoors to invite mindful time in nature.

What is included?

Example programs…

Fun themed movement bioenergetics sessions for age 5+to encourage play and interpersonal skills. Theme examples: Animals, Seasons, Superheroes, Shapes, Feelings & Emotions

Fun Bioenergetics for Children

10 Week Drumming Program focused on Social and Emotional learning. This is the Drumbeat program which uses music therapy through Group Drumming activities to initiate discussion and learning on Identity, Team Work, Community, Communication. Involves 10 x 1hour sessions and is completed with a Group performance or creation of short video.

Drumbeat Program

Self-Esteem and Resilience-Building Expressive Therapy: Activities can include creative movement, mindfulness, Gratitude practice, understanding emotions, motivational affirmations and vision board creating. Great for teenage females especially.

Self-Esteem and Resilience-Building Expressive Therapy

Team Building Workshops: Meaningful group activities that encourage social connection and interpersonal skills, team work, problem solving and healthy communication in a fun inclusive environment. Also great for work-place staff building and energising groups

Team Building Workshops

Wellbeing workshops: Creative self-reflective processes held in a supportive playful environment – time for self-love and care. Theme examples: Celebrating self; Getting into the body; Connecting with Nature; Embracing change; Trusting intuition

Wellbeing Workshops

Creative movement and Improvised performance: Sessions encourage intuitive movement, drama activities and creative dance to build towards solo, duet and group performances. The focus is raw real opportunities for participants to feel witnessed and supported in their expression.

Self-Esteem and Resilience-Building Expressive Therapy

If you seek a Movement and Expressive Therapist for your community, clients or staff, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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"Thank you seems so inadequate when I reflect on the generous investment of time, love and open authentic sharing of you at our Girls Retreat. There is absolutely no doubt the impact you have had on our vulnerable teenage girls. You brought such a special and unique set of skills and qualities and I truly valued your contribution Cathy.

I truly appreciated the time and thought you put into planning the two workshops. It proved to be quite an intense and very reflective day for some of the girls – shifting emotions and beliefs perhaps not truly serving them very well. After you left, most of the girls went off in small groups for walks and intimate conversation. I felt that was very much a response to the impact you had. Thank you. How fortunate these girls are to have so many women invested in their wellbeing and journey into adulthood". - Jeanette Horsley, YMCA Southern Peninsula Youth Services Director