About Me


I am a Community Development worker who specialises in movement and expressive therapy.

I have been drawn to music, dance and drawing since childhood. They are my forms of meditation and solace, my self-love and care. It was in 2012 when I discovered movement as a form of ‘therapy’. Movement and expressive therapy opened up an entirely new way of working through life’s challenges and emotions in a profoundly creative and self-reflective way. I find great comfort that this form of therapy can be done at my own pace, based on my own intuition and inner wisdom.

Since 2008 I have worked with a number of community groups both internationally and within Australia, gaining sound experience planning, coordinating and facilitating various grass-root projects, mentoring youth programs and adventure therapy camps.


My passionate, empathic and fun-loving personality creates easeful relations with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. I enjoy getting to know everyone’s story: believing in the possibilities achieved by strong community and actions fueled by love.

Having found my medicine, I now wish to share this practice with others. My workshops provide opportunities for discovery and emotional integration, inviting participants to explore a range of expressive modalities such as: somatic body awareness, intuitive movement, breath work, visualisation and symbol work, expressive writing and drawing as well as vocal release.

•Bachelor of Arts
•Masters of Social Science
•Certificate in Somatics, Performance and the Creative Process
•Certificate in Expressive Therapies
•Working with Child Sexual Assault – Bravehearts Australia
•Drumbeat Facilitator - Holyoake