Intuitive Self

A unique movement and expressive therapy practice which intends to strengthen ones intuition and connection to self. Cathy creates a safe space where participants are supported to explore, express and play with movement and various modalities in meaningful healing ways.
Cathy enjoys guiding others through nurturing processes. She currently offers her work through three main avenues: tailored programs for community groups and organisations; workshops and weekly series open to public; and personalised one on one sessions.
Cathy designs workshops for participants to tune into their own innate body wisdom and creativity, encouraging them to find answers within themselves. Processing life through creative self-discovery, the sessions aim to be inclusive of a range of intelligences and learning styles incorporating somatic body awareness activities, drawing, expressive writing, clay-sculpture making, breathe work, meditations and symbol work. Where possible, Cathy holds workshops outdoors to invite mindful time in nature.
“The space was welcoming and warm…encouragement, gentleness and non-expectation were bookends through the session. I am eager to continue being guided by Cathy” – Omi, ‘Nurtured Journeys’ participant

“A respectful calm space to feel comfortable to move in. Calmly and clearly facilitated” – Juliana, ‘Do I move or Am I moved’ workshop participant

“Cathy has run several groups at our Primary School that target different ages, creating a fun, energetic and therapeutic space where creativity and ‘giving it a go’ is Cathy’s main focus. Throughout the year the staff have seen social and emotional changes in many of the students as a result of her programs. These programs have proven to be effective with different children for different reasons, as each individual is able to explore their creative side, emotional side and physical sensations, through movement” - Donna Lai, Social Worker